Synergy Builders Services


Pre-Construction ServicesPre-Construction Services
The pre-construction phase of your project is vital.  This phase is where the Synergy Builders team can add the most value and benefit for your project.  Our experience and systems create accuracy in pre-construction planning, and allow us to lead your entire team to the most effective project results.

  • Establishing expectations for project success
  • Concept Review And Estimating Services - including building system pricing
  • Schematic Design Review - including input on construction systems
  • Project Budgeting – including development of cost-not-to-exceed amounts
  • Value-engineering of systems, materials and labor savings
  • Scheduling – including establishing the overall project schedule and relevant milestones
  • Work Flow Planning – including client staffing, resident and construction personnel traffic flow, site conditions, and other extraneous considerations.

Pre-Construction ServicesConstruction Services
The Synergy Builders staff is dedicated to quality workmanship and a collaborative environment.  We believe collaboration helps everyone on the team perform at their highest level.  Our experienced staff is skilled at coordinating interactions between all members of the project team, from the client and architect to materials suppliers and subcontractors.

  • Coordination and Facilitation of Project Meetings
  • Ongoing Safety Review and Compliance
  • Vendor Bid Coordination – including subcontractors and material suppliers
  • Project Schedule Maintenance – including any relevant impacts due to project changes
  • Collaborate with architect and client on project decisions, providing education on cost, quality, life cycle ramifications and functionality as options are reviewed
  • Consistent cost updating, allowing clients to best utilize project savings
  • Quality workmanship and proactive customer service during construction

Pre-Construction ServicesPost-Construction Services
As your project is completed, Synergy Builders provides full documentation and training to ensure you are completely satisfied.  We carry our personal approach into the post-construction phase, remaining available to you until you are 100% satisfied.
Post-Construction Services

  • Assemble punch list and complete all items to the client’s satisfaction
  • Assemble cost recap and lien waivers for client’s records
  • Provide system training for mechanical systems
  • Compile Close-out Documents – including warranties, as-built drawings, operation and maintenance manuals and vendor listing
  • One Year Warranty Follow Up – ensuring all warranty requirements are met
  • Follow up with owner to ensure 100% satisfaction