Planning for Success: Fire Safety and ADA Compliance

Planning for Success: Fire Safety and ADA Compliance

General contractors who offer a design-build model make sure the building is ADA access compliant and safety compliant with up to date fire control systems, elevators that meet safety standards, and other safety systems. When the building goes into operation, however, the building manager or facility management department is responsible for maintenance and operation of the fire control system and the fire safety training program.

Is your fire control and safety program compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act? 

Most businesses are already in compliance with their access and physical systems. What's also needed is a specific plan that includes those with special needs and takes into account their particular challenges. For a fire control plan to be successful for people with special needs, they need to have:

  • access to notification of a fire or hazard, 
  • the ability to find their evacuation route, 
  • an accessible evacuation route, 
  • and a way to get assistance if needed. 

This plan should be specific to needs. People with hearing challenges, for instance, will have a different set of needs from people in wheelchairs. An emergency evacuation guide and training protocols that address these challenges, with the goal of keeping people safe in your building, is all that's required to comply with the letter and the spirit of the law.

Free education materials regarding fire safety specifically designed for people with disabilities can be found from the National Fire Protection Association. They also have a free step-by-step emergency evacuation planning guide for people with specific disabilities. This plan can be downloaded and adapted to your current fire control and safety plan.

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